Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Shape Up Day Five

Day five and the real test begins.... the weekend is here. And this weekend is especially special :) Thomas has two birthday parties to go to and Sunday is Cub Scout bowling night and Mike's Birthday.... and that's just the beginning. We will have a cheat day Sunday for Mike's Birthday, I'm not that mean. But I will also keep track of what we do eat so we know exactly how many calories we consume on a cheat day. I don't really want to know, but it will put things in perspective.

I'm really slacking on the menus and we're changing a lot as we go. It's just so hard for us to plan. That tomato and Broccoli Mac n Cheese has been on the menu a couple times and I have yet to make it. Life just happens I guess, but we've been doing well calorie wise. Mike has lost 5lbs. during the last five days! I've lost 1lb. but I'm not expecting to lose much weight here, just clean up our eating and give my body a chance to catch up and recover.

Since exercise is a big part of the Spring Shape Up too I figure I should start recording our progress there as well....

Mike's 1,800 Calorie Menu Plan


2 oatmeal muffins - 260c, 6f
2 Mandarin oranges - 90 c, 4f
350 calories, 10 grams fiber

AM snack

2 kiwi - 84c, 4f
1/2 cup broccoli - 27c, 3f
1 carrot - 21c, 1f
1/4 cup hummus - 60c, 1f
192 calories, 9 grams fiber


Pesto Chicken Salad Wrap - 278c, 13f
2 Mandarin oranges - 90c, 4f
368 calories, 17 grams fiber

PM Snack

2 cups Fruit salad
284 calories, 10 grams fiber


2 servings Vegetable/Pasta Bake - 644 calories, 10 grams fiber
642 calories, 10 grams fiber

Total = 1,836 calories, 56 grams fiber

Elizabeth's 1,500 Calorie Menu


2 Oatmeal muffins
260 calories, 6 grams fiber

*Workout burned 150 calories

AM Snack

1 cup fruit salad
142 calories, 5grams fiber


Pesto Chicken Salad Wrap
278 calories, 13 grams fiber

Afternoon Snack

1 cup Fruit salad
142 calories, 5 grams fiber


1 serving Vegetable/Pasta Bake - 322 calories, 5 grams fiber
1 Pear - 98 calories, 5 grams fiber
420 calories, 10 grams fiber

Totoal = 1,242 calories, 39 grams fiber

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