About This Blog

Welcome to my cooking blog! This is not a fancy blog. I do not have a fancy camera (edited to say that now I do have myself a new fancy camera!), in fact, most of my pictures are taken with my iPhone camera.

While I love cooking from scratch, cooking for so many doesn't always allow that. So here you will find many from scratch recipes, but you will also find recipes that are not.  I may use packaged ravioli, meatballs or sauces. These recipes are in here as well because we enjoyed them and they will make a good addition to a menu plan... that one day I will get the hang of :)

I started this blog to keep all my recipes in one place. I love making up new recipes and tweaking ones I've made before. My brain never did fully recover after bundle of joy #3 so by posting them here I can be reminded which ones we liked and why we liked them.

I enjoy cooking, baking and experimenting with new foods. I try to feed our family healthy foods, but I'm not a fanatic about it... we love cookies and ice cream too.

You can read my first post to learn more about me and my 10.

If you like what you see I'd love for you to comment or follow along :)